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Pick your favorite Static Site Generator and locally run your VTEX store in less than 5 minutes


This guide is for intermediate to advanced developers. For a comprehensive intro to FastStore, head to our getting started tutorial!

Step by step

Step 1. Starting a new FastStore project

Clone the Base Store repository into your local files and change to the corresponding working directory.

npx degit vtex-sites/ && cd

Step 2. Installing dependencies

Install dependencies using yarn.

yarn install

Step 3. Configuring your project settings

Open the store.config.js file using the code editor of your choice and set up the config to you store.

  1. Replace thestoreId value with the id of your account.
  2. Replace the storeUrl and checkoutUrl values with the corresponding production URLs of your store.
  3. Go to the lighthouse.pages property and add the paths of the pages you want to track performance over time.
  4. Go to the cypress.pages property and add the paths of the pages you want to end-to-end test before each release.

Step 4. Running your store locally

Start a development server on port 8000.

yarn develop

Your store will start at a hot-reloading environment at http://localhost:8000/. You'll also have access to GraphiQL, a tool that you can use to fetch data and build queries, at http://localhost:8000/___graphql.

🎉 That's all! You're now ready to start making changes to your FastStore storefront.

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