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FastStore UI

FastStore UI is an ecommerce-focused library that provides best-of-breed components, blazing-fast performance, and a frictionless development experience to create storefronts.

FastStore UI is designed and built following the Atomic Design pattern. Atomic Design breaks user interfaces hierarchically into smaller and simpler components. There are five distinct levels in Atomic design (atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and pages), and that's how our components are classified.

Key features


FastStore UI intends to deliver all components you need to create custom storefronts. Be it a fashion, electronic, or grocery store, FastStore UI already comes with a solution out of the box for your ecommerce.


In digital commerce, every millisecond counts and affects not only the consumer decision-making process but also your store's website rank in search engine results. That's why FastStore UI components are designed and built with best practices of performance in mind.


Ecommerce is a complex case where performance is a must, but personalization is the key. That's why FastStore UI components are unstyled by default while compatible with different CSS frameworks and preprocessors. This means you have complete control over styling to implement your own design system and strengthen your brand identity.

Developer experience

FastStore UI is built by developers, for developers. That's why one of our main goals is to ensure the best possible developer experience via a clean code, strong community, and comprehensive documentation.

Open Source

FastStore UI believes in the open-source to foster open collaboration and create value together with our partners and volunteer contributors. Because all FastStore UI components are open source, you can simply copy the source code from GitHub and modify it to your liking. To support it, we grant developers communication channels throughout the community and direct contact with our development team.

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