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Widgets for CMS

A widget is a graphical element that provides a particular way for editors to interact and upload content via the VTEX Headless CMS.

Widgets may include date selectors, pull-down menus, buttons, selection boxes, progress indicators, and many other devices for displaying information andinviting, accepting, and responding to user actions.

The list below shows the widgets you can use to integrate your storefront project with the VTEX Headless CMS Admin.

NameDescriptionImplementation referenceInterface
DateTimeCalendar popup for selecting a single date and time.VTEX StyleguideDateTime
ImageUploaderImage uploader for uploading or selecting an existing image from the media library..react-resize-detector, react-dropzoneImageUploader
RichTextRich text editor based on the draft-js library.Draft.jsRichText
SelectList of options to select.@material-ui/core/MenuItemSelect
TextInput text editor.@material-ui/core/InputLabel, @material-ui/core/FormHelperTextText

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