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Troubleshooting - Creating storefronts with Gatsby

Throughout this tutorial, you may come across common errors that have already tricked other FastStore users. This article is intended to help you troubleshoot some of these issues.

Part 1: Setting up your development environment

Error: command settings not found

This error occurs because the settings plugin from the VTEX IO CLI is not installed. To fix this problem, please run the following command:

vtex plugins install settings

Error: App has route conflict

This error occurs because a version of the app with route conflict is already installed in your VTEX Account. To fix this problem, please use the --force flag after the app specification, for example:

vtex install --force

Error: API 403 Forbidden

This error occurs because the user trying to set up the enableOrderFormOptimization setting doesn't have the necessary User Role to perform this action. To fix this issue, please ask for a VTEX user with the Owner (Admin Super) role to run this command.

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