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Gatsby 4 now available

· One min read

We updated our infrastructure to allow you to use site generators that support server-side rendering (SSR), such as Next.js and Gatsby 4.

What has changed?

Before, there were only two ways to render a FastStore website: either via client-side rendering (CSR) or static site generation (SSG). Now, you can also use server-side rendering.


Server-side rendering (SSR) is a method of rendering pages at run-time. It loads the website code on a server and returns a fully rendered HTML page to the client (browser).

Why did we make these changes?

We made these changes precisely to support Gatsby 4 and NextJS. With these frameworks, you will be able to choose the best way to generate the pages of your store website, opening up new possibilities for what you can create with FastStore.

What needs to be done?

These changes make Gatsby 4 available for usage, but they do not automatically change the Gatsby version of your project. For further instructions on how to migrate from Gatsby 3 to Gatsby 4, please refer to this article.