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New Calendar Views to manage Releases

· 2 min read

The Releases module allows you to manage and publish groups of connected changes called releases. The Calendar, a view of Releases, has been improved with the Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Views of your planned releases, allowing you to manage them more easily and effectively.

What has changed?

Before, you had to manage releases in a searchable list. You could sort and filter releases, but it was difficult to visualize them, making it hard to keep track of your releases, their publication date, and how they related to each other.

Now, the Calendar page offers new ways to keep track of your releases. You can choose the Monthly, Weekly and the Daily View to better visualize and manage your releases.


Why did we make these changes?

Better visualization of your releases enables you to have more control over them. These changes aim to enhance your experience and make management more simple and efficient.

Also, visualizing how releases relate to each other in a timeline can help you develop more precise communication plans because you have a clear vision of it and how your releases overlap, for example.

What needs to be done?

No action is needed. The change will be automatically implemented in all stores developed using FastStore. Currently, Releases is available only for stores using FastStore.

For more information, see the documentation in Help Center: