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WebOps upgraded to use Lighthouse 9

· One min read

The WebOps pipeline has been updated to use the newest Lighthouse version. In November 2021, Google published Lighthouse version 9.0. Among its main changes, highlights include the upgrade of Lighthouse APIs, the introduction of new user flows, the redesign of Lighthouse reports, and the addition of new accessibility features.

What has changed?

Before, the WebOps pipeline was using Lighthouse version 8. Now, we are using Lighthouse 9. As a result, newer audit reports may slightly differ from those previously issued. For more information, please refer to this announcement.

Why did we make these changes?

We understood that getting different results from WebOps and Lighthouse could lead to misunderstandings, so we made this modification to match both results.

What needs to be done?

These changes are already available for everyone. Thus no further action is required to use WebOps with Lighthouse 9.