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Base Store - March, 2022

ยท 4 min read

The Base Store now has new components: EmptyState, Suggestions, and SearchHistory. Also to improve the page's performance, inline icons were removed from the final bundle.

๐ŸŽ‰ New featureโ€‹

  • New EmptyState component - #367 Use the EmptyState in the CartSidebar and ProductGallery components to display a custom page for empty carts and product results. no results-page

  • Self-contained sections - #371 The logic developed in the pages folder has been moved to the sections component. As a result, CMS users can rearrange and reorder each storefront section.

  • New Search Suggestions component - #372 Use theSuggestions component to encapsulate autocomplete suggestions and suggested products. suggestions-component

  • New SearchHistory component - #391 Use the SearchHistory component to show the user's search history in the store page. search-history-gif

  • New session query - #392 Use the StoreSession query to get new sales channels when a user changes their postal code.

  • New interactive variant added to the Badge component - #396 Use the interactive variant in a Badge component to allow users to close the badge. interactive

  • Added hideUnavailableItems to store.config - #400 The Search API now has the hideUnavailableItems parameter. This parameter either hides (true) or displays (false) an out-of-stock product.

  • New styles/global folder - #407 This PR sets the stage for the upcoming Theming structure by gathering all CSS variables (tokens) into the styles/global folder. It applies a coherent naming scheme and simplifies global styles.

๐Ÿ› Bug fixโ€‹

  • Fixed the HeroImage size and css - #363 The HeroImage HTML size property has been fixed. The browser will now create a better image to fetch based on the device's screen (mobile or desktop).

  • Fixed facets - #380 The filter on the mobile version is now stable, and users can choose which facets to apply.

  • Fixed theTiles component semantic markup - #383 The semantic markup for Tiles is now fixed to ul and li instead of a generic div.

  • Fixed the CartItem title and image - #405 The image size no longer breaks when a product title is longer than two lines. Now, the image size remains the same, and the product title is shortened.

  • Fixed the Button cursor - #419 Now the browser chooses which cursor to use depending on the component. For example, for links, use pointer, and for buttons, use default.

โœจ Enhancementโ€‹

  • Improved performance with content-visibility in Section - #368 The content-visibility CSS property was added to the Section component. The property lazy loads part of the page's content and saves loading time.

  • Avoided performance decrease with the removal of inline icons - #378 In order to remove unnecessary JavaScript and improve page performance, inline icons were removed from the final bundle and moved to SVG files.

๐Ÿงน Choreโ€‹

  • Fixes in PLP loading - #362 Following the implementation of the Skeleton Loading components, some loading logic on the PLP has been changed: - The useTotalCount hook was removed. - The Sort and Filter Skeleton buttons are now loaded at the same time. - The most recent Filter items are now kept expanded in the mobile version

  • Badge variants renamed - #381 The Badge variants have been renamed so that the semantic meaning of Badge is not jeopardized. Changes made include:

    - Before:
    `BadgeVariants = 'outOfStock' | 'new' | 'recommended' | 'neutral'`

    - Now:
    `BadgeVariants = 'neutral' | 'info' | 'highlighted'`
  • Moved UI components and IconSVG to the ui folder - #386 The ui folder centralizes UI components and IconSVG, making it easier to add UI components and icons to the storefront.

  • Replaced inline <style/> tags by tags - #408 Inline styles are now contained in their own stylesheet, eliminating CSS code splitting and lowering the Total Blocking Time (TBT) metric.

  • Removed frontend computation to the backend - #411 Offers are now sorted according to the order of the offers array.

  • Improved the login performance - #418 Now the API returns null for the person query when executed by an anonymous user, avoiding a mismatch with the default user session values, preventing the session of the anonymous user from being reset, and lowering the Total Blocking Time (TBT) metric.