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Required action for VTEX Headless CMS users

· One min read

We’ve recently launched VTEX Headless CMS 1.x. For this new version to properly work, the Releases app must be installed and configured on the VTEX account.

What has changed?

Besides notable new features, such as the non-blocking Publishing Flow, this update makes the VTEX Headless CMS strictly dependent on the Releases app.

Why did we make these changes?

Gradually, Releases should become the single place in the VTEX platform to look into any changes that might affect published stores. VTEX Headless CMS moves in sync with this roadmap by requiring Releases integration in its latest version. This both reduces the complexity of our Publishing Flow implementation, facilitating debugging and improving stability, and also makes sure we’re future-ready with how the VTEX platform is moving.

What needs to be done?

Developers must upgrade to VTEX Headless CMS 1.x and configure the Releases app as described in this guide.