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· 4 min read

PLPs now support price range filtering, and nonexistent PDPs can now handle 404 errors. Also, more components have been updated to conform to the new Base Store Theming architecture.

· 4 min read

New cart-related events are now being tracked, and enhancements in the LCP score have been implemented. Also, more components have been updated to use the Base Store theming structure.

· 5 min read

The Base Store now has a new search API, components with a new theming structure, and a Storybook package to run locally. Also, check out the news for the starter framework-specific updates.

· One min read

The repository of the Base Store starter, which uses Gatsby, has changed. It is now

Why did we make these changes?

This change is due to the launch of a Next.js base store starter. This new starter is identical to the existing one in every feature, except it uses Next.js instead of Gatsby. Because of this, there are now two base store starters, in the repositories and

What needs to be done?

Whenever you need to access the Base Store repository, make sure you have the correct repository name and URL for the framework you are using:

· One min read

We launched a Next.js-based starter that corresponds to the Base Store previously available only for Gatsby. This means you can now quickstart your FastStore project with your favorite framework: Next.js or Gatsby.

What has changed?

Now, developers that wish to use Next.js with FastStore, can leverage our base store starter to get their projects going.

Also, because the Base Store is now available for Next.js and Gatsby, the name of the repository formerly known as was changed to

What needs to be done?

To learn more and start your FastStore project with Next.js, check the Next.js store repository.

· 4 min read

The Base Store now has new components: EmptyState, Suggestions, and SearchHistory. Also to improve the page's performance, inline icons were removed from the final bundle.